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The Shakespeare Collection - Romeo and juliet/Taming Of The Shrew / Twelfth Night/The Tempest (Boxset) [DVD] [2006]

The Shakespeare Collection - Romeo and juliet/Taming Of The Shrew / Twelfth Night/The Tempest (Boxset) [DVD] [2006]


ROMEO & JULIET: The tale unfolds as the families of the star-crossed lovers are embroiled in a bitter feud that erupts into a brawl. The couple plan a secret wedding, but fate intervenes and the two die tragically, precipitating a vow by the bereaved families to resolve their differences. TAMING OF THE SHREW: Richard Monette's rollicking Stratford treatment is set in a colourful Italy of the 1950's. Colm Feore depicts Petruchio as a swaggering leather-jacketed street bandit who roars up to marry Kate on a sporty Lambretta. As raucous and rousing as an Italian wine festival, Shakespeare's favourite battle of the sexes has turned into a party where wits and willpower do contest. TWELFTH NIGHT: The play's opening line -- "if music be the food of love, play on" -- sets the stage for over two hours of revelry, with the Bard's finest wit and most musical prose and poetry. In mythical Ilyria, Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are separated after a shipwreck. Disguised as a boy, Viola enters the service of Duke Orsino who sends her off to woo the Countess Olivia on his behalf - love eventually lead to the happy reunion of the siblings. THE TEMPEST: The Tempest is a magical tale with young love set on a mystical island ruled by the all-powerful magician Prospero, the exiled, rightful Duke of Milan. As the play begins, Prospero has summoned all his power to cause a violent storm at sea, forcing a group of passengers to abandon ship and come ashore. Prospero has his reasons, of course. One of the passengers is his brother, Antonio, who usurped his throne and forced him into exile. By bringing Antonio to the island, Prospero can, if he chooses, exact revenge on his treacherous sibling.

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