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The Queen & the Skipper


The Bluenose was the fastest deep-water fishing schooner ever to sail the Grand Banks. For nearly 2 decades she dominated the International Fishermen’s Trophy races. Even well past her prime, and against a younger schooner - the best the American shipyards could produce - Bluenose set a world record for speed. It was her final race and her finest.

This is the story, not only of the Queen but of her Captain, a man named Angus Walters. For 22 years, they faced every new challenger and beat them all. But in the end, it was age and economics that defeated them.

The spirit of Bluenose still inspires Canadians. We all carry a picture of her in our pockets, etched on the back of the Canadian dime. It’s an image of a time when the world acknowledged a Lunenburg schooner as the Queen of the North Atlantic

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