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Commentary with Director Anna Brownfield
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The steamy sexual trysts and contrasting professional lives of an up-and-coming Australian punk/rock n roll band are examined with mesmerizing and often shocking candor in writer-director Anna Brownfield s (The Money Shot) provocative story of musical ambition, carnal desires and the hustle and flow of the contemporary Melbourne band scene.

The rock group Gutter Filth is moving quickly up the charts and receiving ever-more-frequent national exposure. Lead singer Jimmy Taranto s star is also rising, and he decides to leave both the group and his girlfriend Candy for a brighter spotlight in the public eye. Thus sets in motion a rollicking tale of survival and sexual conquest as the group sex addict G.B., cross-dressing Dee and their lesbian manager Jennifer replaces Jimmy with broken-hearted and revenge-minded Candy and hits the bumpy road on a tour destined to bring them not only stardom but erotic fulfillment as well.

Featuring 8 original songs by Moscow Schoolboy from a song-laden soundtrack, The Band is the most daring, pan-sexually erotic punk rock film ever made in Australia or anywhere else in the world! Sexually frank and artistically told, featuring both male and female nudity, this is one sexy rock n roll jam that shouldn t be missed.

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