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Maritime Canada (Expulsion, Shattered City, Pier 21 and Queen & the Skipper)

Maritime Canada (Expulsion, Shattered City, Pier 21 and Queen & the Skipper)


Pier 21. This documentary begins with remembrances, using photographs & historical footage, from people on whose live Pier 21 had a lasting impact. Shattered City, an epic three-hour production, dramatizes a compelling piece of Canadian history. It is the story of how a tragic incident at the height of the First World War became a living metaphor for the worldwide conflict, and how Halifax arose from the ashes after severe destruction & devastation. In the early hours of Dec. 6th, 1917, the Mont-Blanc, a French owned freighter loaded to the gunnels with thousands of pounds of TNT collided with a Belgian relief ship & exploded in the Halifax Harbour. On the eve of a war that will engulf the world, the British government agrees with a plan to extinguish a people. In 1755, English colonial officials forcibly expel close to 10,000 French-speaking Acadians from their lands in Nova Scotia, lands that have been in Acadian hands for almost 150 years. What follows is the epic story of a group of people played as pawns in a struggle between two empires. Expulsion, a one-hour documentary examines the events leading up to the brutal expulsion. Queen & the Skipper, a one-hour documentary on the Bluenose. It was the fastest deep-water fishing schooner ever to sail the Grand Banks. For nearly 2 decades she dominated the International Fishermen's Trophy races. Even well past her prime, and against a younger schooner - the best the American shipyards could produce - Bluenose set a world record for speed. It was her final race and her finest. This is the story, not only of the Queen but of her Captain, a man named Angus Walters. For 22 years, they faced every new challenger and beat them all.

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