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Chris Hadfield : The Man Who Tweeted Earth

Chris Hadfield : The Man Who Tweeted Earth


Chris Hadfield is making us love space again. He tweets, snaps stunning photos, and regularly connects with folks back home as he hurtles around the earth at 28,000 km/h aboard the International Space Station. Hadfield is the first Canadian commander of one of the most complex and sophisticated examples of human technology ever built. Bigger than five hockey rinks, the ISS is a giant floating laboratory that's been orbiting the earth non-stop for 15 years. From the ground, it looks like an incredibly bright, fast moving star. But this fixture in the sky has been a mystery to many - until now. Most of us can only imagine what the astronauts aboard have experienced. The distance has made it seem unknowable. But last December that all changed. From the moment Hadfield arrived at the ISS for a five-month mission, he transformed the way we connect to space. Millions followed his every move. His YouTube videos went viral. The Queen and Captain Kirk sent him messages. His folksy Renaissance man shoutouts gave this mission an unprecedented profile. And move over David Bowie - Hadfield's wry takes on the mundane to the amazing have made him a rock star in space.

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